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We’re building Online Business Transformation to help you learn how to build a successful online business.

So if you want to ditch your boring 9-5 job, and be your own boss, with the freedom to travel, spend more time with your family and the financial resources to live your life to the full, then you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you already have an online business that you want to grow, or maybe you’re still looking for the right idea, and starting to feel overwhelmed by all the options.

If any of these sound like you, then we’re creating Online Business Transformation to help people just like you, turn their dreams into reality.

Here’s our story:

Name:   Quenton Fyfe

Hobbies:   Guitar, Piano, Running

Favourite Film:   The Green Mile

Head and shoulders photo of Quenton Fyfe wearing a green jacket with trees in background.

Name:   Clare Ivatt

Hobbies:   Flute, Piano, Drawing

Favourite Film:   The Sixth Sense

Head and shoulders photo of Clare Ivatt wearing a grey jumper with a blurred background of lawn and trees.

Million Visitors

Million $ Sales


The Short Version


Hi, my name is Quenton Fyfe, and with my partner Clare, I help people create and grow successful online businesses.

We started our first online business in 1999.

Our websites have welcomed more than 50 million visitors and made over $20m in sales to customers in more than 100 countries.

We’ve earned over $1m with Google AdSense, and a lot more from affiliate marketing.

We’ve already helped thousands of small businesses reach more customers online – and now, through Online Business Transformation, we plan to help thousands more.

We’re not pretending that we have some kind of Midas touch. We’ve definitely had our fair share of setbacks, and probably made more than our fair share of mistakes along the way.

But that’s ok – it’s called experience – and now you get to benefit from our experience (mistakes!), so you won’t have to learn by trial and error like we did.

The Longer Version


The Dream

I first got interested in computers at school: This was the 1980s, the home computer revolution was sweeping the UK, and I got into writing software for the new machines.

I remember being inspired by the new software companies that were springing up, and buying big country houses for their offices.

That was the dream.

When I left university I turned down a couple of good job offers in favour of starting my own business. My friends were joining big banks and pharmaceutical companies – they thought I was mad – and they were probably right:

I had no startup capital, but I managed to scrape together just enough to buy a computer and send one tiny direct mail campaign – and when the flood of clients I’d hoped for didn’t materialise – it seemed like it was all over almost before it began.

My Lucky Break

Then I got a break in the form of a phone call one afternoon: Could I write some software for a financial firm in London – starting tomorrow! I was nowhere near London, but since nothing much else was going on, I jumped at the chance.

I must have done ok, because I was asked to write systems for more big corporate clients.

I met my partner Clare on one such development. She joined the company and it’s been a family business ever since.

We developed software for clients like a major oil company, a multi-national computer firm, a large bank, a top insurance company – all household names. This was very lucrative for a couple in their early 20s – we bought a nice house, and I was able to buy a couple of the sports cars I’d always wanted.

But as the work kept coming in, we were working crazy hours trying to keep everything going – days, evenings, weekends – certainly no time for holidays – I remember doing more than 120 hours work in a week (I don’t recommend it!).

Although business was thriving, something important was still missing – it didn’t offer us the freedom we wanted:

We had to live within striking distance of London, and spend hours stuck in traffic jams or squeezed onto trains, attending boring meetings.

We tried several new business projects – looking for something that would give us the income we wanted – but also the freedom to enjoy life. But nothing quite worked.

Desperate for a better quality of life – we moved to our dream home in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

The Beautiful Scottish Borders with fields bathed in sunshine and surrounded by trees in the foreground, and heather-covered hills in the distance.

That improved our quality of life – but it also took us out of the loop – and the work for corporate clients started to dry up.

That was a problem – we needed to do something – and fast: We needed a business that we could run from anywhere.

Discovering Online Business

This was 1999, the Internet revolution was just getting going. We saw the opportunity to create a website that people would love. To be honest we didn’t really know what we were doing. We didn’t even have a business model in mind – (many of today’s online business models hadn’t been invented at that time). We just made it up as we went along.

We learned that just building a website and creating great content is not enough. We had to learn everything about online marketing, advertising and SEO, so we could promote our website, and get hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

Through trial and error we also found the best ways to monetise our website – so we could earn revenue from all those visitors, and re-invest that in growing the business.

Over the next few years we worked hard and built that first website into a successful online business with millions of users. Since then we’ve created several more.

Overall we’ve had more than 50 million people visit our websites. We’ve made well over $1m from Google AdSense, and a lot more than that from Affiliate Marketing.

As the business expanded we hired full-time employees, and learned how to outsource work effectively to freelancers.

Dealing with Setbacks

I won’t pretend that it’s always been plain sailing. For years we topped the search results for lucrative terms. Then, Google’s infamous Panda update decimated our traffic. We had to re-learn what Google wanted before we could rank highly again.

But we’ve learned something valuable from every setback, learned the pitfalls to avoid, and how to build a strong, resilient online business that can thrive over the long term.

The Online Business Lifestyle

Our online businesses have given us not just a higher income than before, but also the freedom we’d been missing.

We can run them from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. We set our own goals and deadlines, and choose what we want to work on, and when we want to work.

We have a daughter, Emily – who’s now a teenager – and working from home has allowed us to see her grow up: We’ve never missed a single birthday party, play, piano concert or sporting event – we fit our work around the really important things.

If it’s sunny, we can choose to head for the beach – and catch up with the work when it’s raining.


What’s This Site All About?

We’ve learned a huge amount about how to succeed online, as well as mistakes to avoid – so we wanted to create a site where aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from our experience and get the knowledge and skills they need to succeed online.

We’re going to cover the latest ideas and tactics that are working right now. I’ll even show you the systems and tools we’re using in our own businesses to get great results.

I’ll be sharing detailed, actionable information on all aspects of building an online business including:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Social Media
  • Outsourcing
  • Writing Great Content
  • Link Building
  • Analytics
  • and lots more

But I don’t want to create a website that only has tactics and technical stuff. There’s a lot more to being successful online than that, and I’ve found that the “big-picture” things are actually just as important.

They’re the foundation you build your success on, and without them, no amount of tactics and technical information will give you lasting success. So I’ll be talking about developing the strategy and the mindset you need to build a real business that will thrive in the long term:

  • Business Strategy
  • Understanding Money
  • Attitude to Success
  • Productivity
  • Working from Home
  • Work Ethic
  • Motivation
  • Leverage
  • and more

If I didn’t share what I’ve learned about these “big picture” things – I’d be failing in my mission to help you succeed online.

Is Everything On This Site Free?

This site exists to help you build a successful Online Business. But it’s also a for-profit online business in itself. That’s how we’re able to afford the time and money needed to run it.

Some of the links on the site are affiliate links (see our Affiliate Disclaimer) – but we’ll never recommend a product we don’t believe in.

We’re also developing a range of paid online courses which will offer the very best in Online Business Training.

But don’t worry if you can’t afford to pay for courses yet – we’ll be giving away so much valuable information, completely free of charge, that you’ll be able to learn a huge amount without parting with a single dollar!

Rather than spending a fortune on advertising, our strategy is to give as much value as we can on this site: We believe that if you’ve enjoyed our free content you’ll tell others, and come back and buy our courses.

One of our main goals for this site is to collect as many testimonials as we can from people we’ve helped to start or grow their online business – so if this site has helped you achieve your goals, please get in touch and let us know.

Why Online Business Transformation?

Because having a successful online business has transformed our lives, we called this site “Online Business Transformation”.

We hope it will help you build the business and achieve the lifestyle you want.

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