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Hi, we're Clare and Quenton, and we help people create and grow successful online businesses. Welcome to Online Business Transformation!

We’ve spent the last 20 years learning how to build and run online businesses. Now we want to help other people do the same.

So if you want to ditch your boring 9-5 job and be your own boss, have the freedom to travel, spend more time with your family, and the financial resources to live your life to the full, then you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you already have an online business that you want to grow, or maybe you’re still looking for the right idea and starting to feel overwhelmed by all the options.

If any of these sound familiar, then we’re creating Online Business Transformation to help people just like you, turn their dreams into reality.

Our Story

We met while working at a major oil company – Clare was a full-time systems analyst, and Quenton was a short-term contract programmer.

Name:  Clare Ivatt

Hobbies:  Flute, Piano, Drawing

Favourite Film:  The Sixth Sense

Head and shoulders photo of Clare Ivatt wearing a grey jumper with a blurred background of lawn and trees.

We soon bonded over system specs and SQL databases. Clare joined the business and over a few years we built it up doing IT projects for corporate clients.

But we were working crazy hours – days, evenings, weekends – there was certainly no time for holidays.

Business was thriving, but something important was missing: Freedom.

Living near London, we spent hours in traffic jams or squeezed onto trains, going to boring meetings.

Desperate for a better quality of life, we moved to the beautiful Scottish Borders.

That improved our quality of life – but it also took us out of the loop – and the work for corporate clients started to dry up.

We needed to find a new business that would give us the income we were used to, that we could run from anywhere.

Beautiful view of Scottish Borders countryside on a sunny day with heather covered hills in the distance, and a rolling landscape of fields and trees in the foreground.
The Scottish Borders

Discovering Online Business

This was 1998 and the Internet revolution was just getting going. We had the idea to create a website to showcase everything that Britain had to offer to tourists – the lovely countryside, the historic castles and stately homes, and the diversity of villages, towns, and cities.

In May 1999 after six months of development, we launched our tourism website

To be honest we didn’t really know what we were doing. We didn’t even know how we were going to make money. We were just making it up as we went along.

We learned that just building a website and creating great content is not enough. We had to learn about online marketing, advertising, and SEO, so we could promote our website and get visitors. At first just a few hundred visitors a month, then a few thousand, then more.

Over the next few years, we worked hard and built that first website into a successful online business with millions of users. Since then we’ve created several other popular websites.

Name:  Quenton Fyfe

Hobbies:  Guitar, Piano, Running

Favourite Film:  The Green Mile

Head and shoulders photo of Quenton Fyfe wearing a green jacket with trees in background.

As the business expanded and our workload increased, we hired some employees and learned how to outsource work effectively to freelancers.

Overall we’ve had more than 50 million people visit our websites. We’re proud to have inspired millions of days out and family holidays and helped thousands of small businesses find new customers online.

Dealing with Setbacks

We won’t pretend that it’s always been plain sailing. Every business has its ups and downs, and ours is no different.

For years we topped the search results for thousands of popular search terms. Then, Google’s infamous “Panda” update decimated our traffic overnight.

We had to re-learn what Google wanted and re-write a lot of our pages before we could rank highly again.

But we’ve learned something valuable from every setback and learned how to build a strong, resilient online business that can thrive over the long-term.

The Online Business Lifestyle

We’ve now been together nearly 30 years – we have a teenage daughter, Rin, two dogs, Oscar and Gunner, and a house in the beautiful Scottish borders which seems to be an everlasting renovation project!

Oscar - a yellow Labrador Retriever - head and shoulders photo.

Our online businesses have given us so much more than just a good income, they’ve given us the freedom we’d been missing.

We can work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. We set our own goals and deadlines, and choose what to work on, and when we want to work.

Working from home has allowed us to see Rin grow up: We’ve never missed a single birthday party, play, piano concert, or sporting event – we can fit our work around the really important things.

If that sounds like the sort of lifestyle that you’re looking for, then we’d love to help you achieve it.

What’s This Site All About?

Our goal is to inspire you to imagine your life at the helm of your own successful online business and give you the skills and the confidence you need to make that dream a reality.

We wanted to create a site where aspiring entrepreneurs like you can benefit from our experience and get the strategies and skills they need to succeed online.

Of course, we’ll never stop learning – because things change all the time, so we’re going to cover the latest ideas and tactics that are working right now. We’ll even show you the systems and tools we’re using in our own businesses to get great results.

We’ll be sharing easy to follow step-by-step processes and *actionable* information on all aspects of building an online business, including Keyword Research, SEO, Link Building, Content Creation, Social Media, Outsourcing, and more.

Gunner - a German Shepherd Dog with large pointy ears, lying on the grass in the shade on a sunny day.

But you can’t build a successful business on tactics and technical stuff alone. You need to stay inspired and motivated, to manage your time and money, and find ways to be productive when you’re working from home.

So we’ll also talk about the mindset, attitude, and “big-picture” skills that you need to build a real business that will thrive in the long term:

And occasionally we’ll let you know what we’re up to here at OBT HQ and share a glimpse behind the scenes as we build Online Business Transformation.

Why listen to us?

There are hundreds of sites about Internet Marketing – what makes us different?


Whatever the challenges you’re dealing with – it’s a fair bet that in our 20 years online we’ve faced the same problem and found a way to overcome it.

  • We’ve felt the rising panicky feeling of overwhelm.
  • We’ve felt the sickening plunge of getting a Google penalty wiping out our traffic.
  • We’ve fought the twin scourges of perfectionism and procrastination.

Whatever you’re feeling now – whatever challenges you’re struggling with, chances are we’ve been there too.

We’ve found ways to beat all these challenges and more – and we’d like to help guide you through the online business minefield to the success you deserve.

Track Record

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We’ve been creating and running online businesses for more than 20 years, and we’ve helped thousands of small businesses get more customers via the Internet.

You wouldn’t want to learn guitar from a teacher who couldn’t play – and you shouldn’t learn about online business from people who haven’t been successful BEFORE they started teaching!

We don’t want to brag – but you should know that we’ve earned affiliate commissions on more than $20m of online sales, and we’re one of a small number of publishers who’ve earned more than $1m with Google AdSense, all BEFORE we started teaching online business.

So we know how to build a real business that’s resilient enough to survive the ups and downs and achieve lasting success.

You Can Trust Us

Like a lot of websites, we have affiliate links that allow us to earn a small commission when you click through and buy a product – at no extra cost to you.

Unlike some sites, we will *never* recommend an inferior product or service just because it pays good commission.

We value the trust you place in us – and we’ll only recommend products and services that we believe in.

We Want to Help

We know how confusing and overwhelming it can be trying to build and grow an online business – especially at first.

If only you knew someone in the business who could help you figure it out.

Well, now you do!

We understand what needs to be done to build a successful business, we can explain it clearly, step-by-step, and we want to help you succeed online.

We hope you’ll find the help and information you need on this website – but if you don’t, please reach out to us and ask – we’d love to help.

You can contact us here.

Keep in touch!

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Quenton and Clare smiling and sitting in front of a lovely countryside view.

We’re writing this blog to help you break through the confusion, build a successful online business and live life on your own terms.

Clare & Quenton

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