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Affiliate Disclaimer

This blog exists to help you build a successful Online Business. But it’s also a for-profit online business in itself. That’s how we can afford the time and money needed to run it.

We believe in being completely open and transparent, so we want to make something very clear:

Some of the links to products and services on this site are affiliate links.

If you click on an affiliate link and then buy something, we may receive a commission.

You won’t pay any extra – it’s simply an advertising expense for the vendor.

We never recommend products that we don’t believe in just to get a commission – we value your trust much too highly for that.

If you ever want to buy a product mentioned here without us earning a commission, simply search for it in Google instead of clicking our link – that’s absolutely fine – we really don’t mind.

We always recommend resisting the temptation to buy the latest “shiny object”. Only consider buying products or services that will help you with your current online business-building activities, and that you plan to use straight away.


Earnings Disclaimer

The information we share on this blog is based on our own experience starting and running our own online businesses.

Where this site discusses our own results, either in terms of income, website traffic, lifestyle or any other measure of success, you should understand that our results are not typical.

Building a successful business, whether online or offline requires a lot of time, effort and perseverance. There are no get rich quick schemes that work – and that’s why you won’t find us promoting any.

Although we’ve had a lot of success online – we can’t guarantee that you will – because we don’t know you, your circumstances, what you’re capable of, your level of determination or your capacity for hard work.

Sadly, most people don’t succeed in business.

Case studies, strategies and tactics discussed on this site may not produce the same results for your business, and we make no guarantees of income or success.

Nothing on this site should be taken to constitute legal, financial or medical advice. We’re just trying to help people by providing general information based on our own knowledge, research and experience.

We wish you every success with your online business!



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We’re writing this blog to help you break through the confusion, build a successful online business and live life on your own terms.

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