22 Amazing Gifts for People who Work From Home

by Quenton Fyfe

18th March 2021

Are you struggling to think what to get for someone who works from home?

If so, don’t worry because we’re about to share 22 of the best gifts for people who work from home. You’re bound to find the perfect gift idea here:


Having a great home office environment is critical when you work at home, so gifts that enhance the home office space will always be well received.

Here are 7 great ideas for gifts that will spruce up any home office and make it a nicer place to work:

1. A Stress-Busting House Plant

Plants aren’t just pretty to look at – research has shown they’re actually good for our mental health and wellbeing too.

Studies have shown that having a plant on your desk actually reduces stress and anxiety.

If you worry that the plant might die – that probably wouldn’t be a great stress-reliever so we suggest a succulent as they’re easy to look after.

Overhead view of a green succulent plant on a pink background
Pexels / Ylanite Koppens

2. A Stylish Desk Lamp

Good task lighting is always important, and never more so than when you work from home where the lighting may have been designed for leisure and relaxation rather than work.

Desk lamps are available in lots of different styles from the traditional Angle Poise to ultra-modern LED lights.

You can even get lamps with built-in phone chargers, which make an unusual and practical gift.

A desk lamp shining on a small plant in a white container
Pexels / Eneida Nieves

3. Framed Prints for Workspace

What better way to brighten up a home office than with a colorful print in an attractive frame.

Of course, there’s a huge range of prints to choose from – everything from old masters, historic botanical prints, impressionists, abstracts and photographs.

If you have some idea of the recipient’s taste in wall-art, then you’ll easily find something they’ll love.

Laptop on a desk with a desk light and framed print standing against the wall.
Unsplash / Nikita Kachanovsky

4. Scented Candles

Lighting a candle is a great way to change the atmosphere of a room.

Scented candles are available with lots of wonderful scents including vanilla, woodland flora, fresh mountain flowers or even champagne.

Two white candles in glass containers with the words Over The Moon printed on them
Pexels / Pixabay

5. Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser is a stylish way of adding a lovely fragrance to a home office space.

With a wide variety of scented oils to choose from, a reed diffuser is a safe and attractive way to disperse a beautiful scent around the home.

A reed diffuser
Unsplash / Ryul Davidson

6. A Stylish Clock

There’s a huge range of stylish clocks available which are both decorative and functional, so they make good gifts for people who work from home.

Choose from ultra-modern designs with clean, sharp lines, or something with a more antique appearance depending on the taste and decor of the recipient.

10 round clocks of different designs hanging on a wall
Unsplash / Jon Tyson

7. Wireless Phone Charger

Most recent models of cellphone now feature wireless charging, and now there’s a wide selection of attractive wireless chargers available too.

You’ll find a variety of styles and finishes on sale, which will look much more attractive on a desk than the cheap charger supplied with a phone.

A wood-finish phone charger with a phone on it, next to a laptop and a cup of coffee
Unsplash / Daniel Korpai

Health and Ergonomics

Working from home is great – but not everyone has the perfect workspace at home, and the ergonomics of a home-based workstation may not be up to the standard found in most commercial offices.

Spending 8 hours a day hunched over a laptop on a table that’s the wrong height can be very bad for your health, not to mention productivity.

So here are 8 ideas for gifts that could make working from home a healthier and more comfortable experience:

8. Standing Desk or Stand for Desk

Human beings aren’t designed to spend all day sitting at desks – we’ve evolved to move regularly.

A standing desk – which can be raised or lowered between sitting and standing heights has been shown to be much better for people’s health.

A standing desk is quite a large and expensive gift – but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, several companies offer separate desk stands which sit on top of a normal desk, and allow people to alternate between sitting and standing during their working days.

Woman about to use a laptop on a desk stand on top of a desk
Pixabay / Standsome

9. Monitor Stand

The stands bundled with many computer displays are often too small, meaning the screen is lower than it should be, causing poor posture, discomfort and fatigue for the user.

A purpose-made display stand can solve this problem and give the user a more comfortable and ergonomic working environment.

They also free-up some useful desk-space underneath the stand – ideal for pens and stationery.

Display stands are available in a wide range of attractive materials and designs and are a thoughtful gift for someone who works from home.

A computer monitor on a curved wooden stand
Pexels / Ken Tomita

10. Hydration Water Bottle

Many health professionals believe that adults should drink at least 2 litres of water every day to maintain good hydration.

Studies have also shown that being well hydrated is good for concentration and productivity.

But it can be difficult to drink enough water throughout the day, and to keep track of how much you’ve had.

So a water bottle with markings showing how much water has been consumed during the day is a great gift that will help the recipient stay well hydrated and feel better throughout their working day.

Two blue and two silver water bottles
Pixabay / Naturefriend

11. Stylish Office Chair

If you work in an office, the chances are that the ergonomic office chairs were carefully chosen for their comfort, good back support, adjustable height and other features.

But many people who work from home end up making do with a chair that they had in the house.

Often it’s not adjustable and may not offer them good support or allow for the correct posture.

So a good quality ergonomic office chair would be a very welcome gift for many home-based workers.

They’re available in a wide range of colors and materials, so you’re sure to find something suitable.

Desk with an office chair in front of a window with blinds closed
Pexels / Lisa Fotios

Video Calls

As more and more people have started to work from home, team video conference calls over Zoom have become a common part of everyone’s daily routine.

But often the lighting and equipment used by home-based workers aren’t all that great, leading to poor audio or video quality and making communication difficult.

Here are a few gift ideas for that team member who never looks or sounds their best on video calls:

12. A Headset to Sound Better

The microphone built-in to most laptops doesn’t help people sound their best – and using the speakers for video calls or conference calls can cause problems with echo for everyone else on the call.

A headset with a pair of headphones and a microphone will solve these problems and make video calls better for everyone – a gift that your whole team will appreciate!

A woman wearing a headset and writing
Pexels / Anthony Shkraba

13. A High-Quality Webcam to Look their Best

Some recent laptops and tablets have high-quality cameras built-in – but many older models don’t.

So a separate high-quality webcam will help the recipient look their best on their video calls.

They’re very easy to use – most models just clip to the top of the laptop screen and plug into the laptop.

An oval-shaped black webcam
Pixabay / Aksa2011

14. A Video Light

One common problem with video calls from home is that the lighting usually isn’t as bright as office lighting, so the picture can look a bit gloomy.

Luckily this problem is easily solved with a small video light that can be switched on when making a video call to brighten things up.

It’s another great gift idea that will make your friend or colleague look much better on video calls.

Woman wearing black with a ringlight video light shining on her
Pexels / Anete Lusina

15. Laptop Stand

Using a laptop on a desk for Zoom calls often leads to the picture being at an unnatural angle with everyone else in the meeting looking up your nose – that’s not what anyone wants!

But it’s a problem that’s easily solved – simply raising the laptop up about 6 inches from the desk will give a much more flattering and natural angle.

There are lots of simple and elegant laptop stands available which do just that.

They have the added bonus that a laptop on a stand is protected against accidental spills of coffee or tea, making a laptop stand a great gift for anyone who works from home.

Someone's hand operating a laptop on a laptop stand
Pexels / Anete Lusina


Working at home is often more productive than being in an office – but since you can never have too much productivity – here are a couple of gift ideas that can help to boost productivity even more:

16. Subscription to a Focus Music Service

Sometimes it can be hard to focus when you’re working from home, with so many distractions around.

Services like Focus@Will provide a novel solution: Music chosen not for entertainment, but to increase the listener’s ability to focus on their task.

We’ve tried this service, and amazingly it seems to be really effective, making it easier to concentrate and ignore distractions.

Best of all, there’s a choice of great music, so concentrated work becomes really enjoyable.

Pair of black wireless headphones on yellow background
Unsplash / C D-X

17. Do Not Disturb / On Air Sign

Here’s a fun and cool gift that will help prevent interruptions from other family members: A “Do not Disturb” or “On Air” sign!

There are lots of designs available including retro-style “Do Not Disturb” signs, light-up “On Air” signs like you see outside recording studios, neon signs – there’s lots to choose from.

Hanging sign with text #DONOTDISTURB
Pixabay / KoalaParkLaundromat

Tasty Treats

Working from home is great – but you don’t get to share the office birthday doughnuts!

So make sure your favorite home-based worker doesn’t miss out by buying them one of these tasty treats.

18. A Special Mug for their Coffee or Tea

Whatever their favorite beverage, you can be sure it will taste better from a special mug.

There’s loads of choice available including mugs with cartoons and funny sayings, personalised mugs with the recipient’s name, or perhaps something related to their favorite hobby like fishing or gardening.

Whatever you choose you can be sure they’ll think of you every time they use their special mug.

A woman wearing black and holding a mug with the words Like a Boss printed on it.
Unsplash / Brooke Lark

19. Delicious Cookies

What better to go with a coffee from their special mug, than a selection of delicious artisan cookies.

Whether they like chocolate-chip, oatmeal and raisin, gingerbread or macaroons, your gift is certain to be well received.

You don’t need to worry about whether it’s something they’ve already got – because with these delicious treats they’ll soon be gone!

A bowl of luxury chocolate chip cookies
Unsplash / Mae Mu

20. A Coffee Maker

One of the best things about working from home is that you can make yourself a decent cup of coffee.

That works best if you have a great coffee maker that can make the kind of coffee you like best, whether that’s espresso, laté, cappuccino or mocha.

So a quality coffee maker is a great gift for home-based workers in search of their daily caffeine fix.

Coffee machine with copper colored cups. There is a knife block on the left, and a rack of coffee pods on the right.
Unsplash / Mahrous Houses

21. Some Great Coffee

For coffee lovers, one gift that’s always welcome is great quality coffee.

Depending on their coffee making facilities, that might be in the form of beans, ground coffee or coffee pods, but however they make it, new and interesting types of coffee are sure to be popular.

For ease of ordering, there’s a wide selection of coffees on Amazon – or seek out one of the specialist coffee stores online for something exotic and unusual.

Attractive open box of brightly colored coffee pods
Unsplash / Jesper Brouwers

22. A Subscription Box

A subscription box, delivered regularly is a wonderful gift that the recipient can enjoy and still look forward to! Here’s our guide to what’s available.

Subscription boxes started with food, but they’re now available with a huge range of items to suit the interests of the recipient.

Believe it or not you can get monthly or quarterly subscription boxes with:

  • Beauty Products
  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Fashion
  • Books
  • Plants
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Cookies
  • Jewellery
  • Snacks
  • and more…
Carboard box
Unsplash / Brandable Box

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for people who work from home, or gifts for any other occasion, I hope this article has given you a few ideas.


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Gifts for People who Work from Home

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