32 Inspirational Home Office Ideas

by Clare Ivatt

24th November 2020

If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to design your home office from scratch, or you’re renovating your existing office, here are some amazing home office ideas to inspire you.


My dream office is one where there’s no mess, and everything is tidied away in an organised fashion in cupboards or drawers! Here are some perfect minimalist home offices:

Home office with white desk and orange drawers against brick wall hung with pictures. Modern white and black net effect chair
Unsplash / Laura Davidson
White desk and chair with open laptop infront of window with closed white blinds
Unsplash / Izabelle Acheson

This minimalist office is also a bedroom – a brilliant space-saving design:

Home office and bedroom in one - raised bed in one corner with desk along the wall at the end of bed. White floor and patterned rug in foreground
Stocksnap / Medhat Ayad

Small Spaces

If you need to fit your home office into a small space, you’ll also need to be minimalist to ensure you can fit everything in.

Even if it’s a tiny office, it can still be stylish like these:

Small home office in corner of room by white door, with pink chair and fluffy black cushion
Unsplash / Hillary Black
Home office with dark blue wall and small shelves.
Unsplash / Beazy Qs
Home office with comfy brown office chair and computer screen showing the time in large digits
Unsplash / Michael Soledad
Small white home office with closed silver laptop on desk
Pexels / Elvis

Here is a brilliant desk which hardly takes up any space – it fits into the corner of a room, leaving lots of space for other things.

I can just imagine fitting a whole business into these shelves and drawers in the corner of the dining room!

Corner office desk in wood by large window and black office chair
Pixabay / Inkflo

Black and White

Home Offices that are decorated with a black and white theme always look stylish to me:

Grey and white themed home office with full length mirror and black framed pictures
Unsplash / Aram Sabah
Grey and white themed home office
Pixabay / Luis Ricardo Rivera
White home office with two windows either side of white desk and chair
Unsplash / Gabriel Beaudry

Creative Colours

As a contrast here are some colourful home offices which make great use of lighting or strong paint colours.

It’s easy to create a dramatic effect from a fairly plain room using some coloured lighting.

Home office with office chair and laptop bathed in purple light
Unsplash / Screen Post
Small home office with multiple computer screens and multicoloured lighting
Unsplash / Virul Weerasooriya
Dramatic home office with large screen and dramatic blue lighting
Unsplash / Nate Grant
Home Office with modern blue lighting
Unsplash / Jura Greyling
Home Office with dramatic pink and red lighting
Unsplash / Karthikeya GS
Home Office with large black and white picture, and orange and blue mood lighting
Unsplash / Roberto Nickson
Large home office with bright blue wall and floor to ceiling windows.
Pexels / Huseyn Kamaladdin
Small modern home office bathed in blue light
Pexels / Sharad Kachhi

Room with a View

If you’re fortunate enough to have a house or flat with a fantastic view, it’s worth making sure that your home office makes the most of it:

Spectacular home office with glass desk in front of large windows with view of mountains and the sea
Unsplash / Euan Cameron
Happy woman wearing large black hat, working from home sitting outside on her small balcony using a laptop.
Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

These amazing buildings in Cologne in Germany, called Crane Houses, are marketed as a mixture of residential and offices.

Imagine buying a flat here and having a home office with this view:

Large modern home and office buildings at waterside with boats moored in front.
Pixabay / Thomas B

If there’s a really bad view from your home office window, you could always install some stylish slatted blinds:

Home office in darkness with green blinds closed against the sunlight
Pexels / Antonio Boriello


I love the old-fashioned feel of a nice wooden desk – here are some great rustic wood-themed offices:

Large home office with smart wooden floor, wooden book shelves and floor to ceiling window
Pexels / Karl Solano
Small wooden desk in home office with salt lamp and laptop. Next to window with large house plants
Pexels / Andrea Davis
Old fashioned home office, with large woodend desk, wood walls and upright piano in corner
Unsplash / Wonderlane

Comfortable Seating

If there’s room in your office, it’s good to be able to have a separate seating area away from your desk, so that you can stretch and move around to stay comfortable during the working day.

Here are a couple of really great home office seating areas that I love:

Sunny home office with spectacular view of mountains out of large floor to ceiling windows
Pixabay / Arek Socha
Comfortable and smart home office with desk, 2 blue comfy chairs and large pale brown sofa
Unsplash / Gian Paolo Aliatis

Ultimate Home Office Ideas

Sometimes I see a picture of an office that really takes my fancy – this section has some of my favourites.

The first one would just suit Quenton and I – it has a real mission control feeling to it, with matching desks and huge widescreen displays:

Home office with bright blue walls, fitted with wrap around desk to seat two people
Unsplash / Ron Binette
Home Office in modern house with purple chair and white desk, leading through to sitting area with coffee table and large brown sofa. Wooden floors and rug
Pixabay / Tung Nguyen
Amazing home office in modern house with large windows and fantastic view to distant mountains
Pixabay / Arek Socha
Modern home office with amazing view out of large floor to ceiling window, with wooden floor and white walls
Pixabay / Arek Socha

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through my dream home offices – and I hope they inspire you to incorporate some of their best features into your own home office, next time you re-decorate!

Let me know which office was your favourite in the comments below!

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Small modern home office bathed in blue light. Text reads 32 inspirational home office ideas.

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